Consumer information

1. Dispute Management 

For complaints or simple feedbacks, we ask that you please contact us by email or by phone +351 93 277 09 09. We will use all efforts to resolve the situation.

In any case, we inform that in the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at or the following alternative resolution entities consumer disputes:

1. CNIACC - National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration
Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1, 4700-030 Braga
Tel: 253 619 107

2. CIMAAL - Center for Information, Mediation and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts in the Algarve
Business Nest, Edif. ANJE - Estrada da Penha, 3º, Sala 26, 8000 Faro
Tel: 289 823 135

3. Consumer Disputes Arbitration Center - Coimbra
Av. Fernão Magalhães n.º 240, 1º, 3000-172 Coimbra
Tel: 253 619 107

4. CACCL - Lisbon Arbitration Center for Consumer Conflicts
Rua dos Douradores nº 116, 2nd, 1100 - 207 Lisbon
Phone: 218 807 000/218807030

5. CICAP - Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center - Porto
Rua Damião de Góis 31, Loja 6, 4050-225 Porto
Tel: 225 508 349

6. Vale do Ave Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center / Arbitral Tribunal
Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, 1, 4800-019 Guimarães
Tel: 253 422 410

7. CIAB - Consumer Arbitral Tribunal
Av. Rocha Paris, 103
4900-394 Viana do Castelo
Tel: 258 809 335

Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1
4700-030 Braga
+351 253 617 604

8. Arbitration Center for Consumer Conflicts in the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Rua Direita, 27 - 1º Andar, 9050-405 Funchal
Tel: 291750330

For more information see the Consumer Portal at
You can also use the Electronic Complaints Book. Knot is registered at

2. Information on articles containing precious metals

Enoidua, Lda, legal person no. 508109884, carries out, among others, the Jewelery Retailer activity, having obtained the respective license for sale on the website of the Contrastaria de Lisboa, under the title T1779.

Articles containing silver for sale at are legally marked, where applicable. Their weight and touch is also indicated.

You can consult the chart of Contrastaria brands at

The client may, in case of doubt about the authenticity of the marks, resort, for verification purposes, to the services of the Contrast Offices.

You can access information on the daily price of gold, platinum silver and palladium on the Banco de Portugal website at

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