Terms and Conditions

  1. Knot+ is Knot’s customer engagement program, which functions as a virtual customer card. The Knot+ program is valid at Knot-branded stores and at www.knotkids.com, both of which held by Enoidua, Lda., with NIPC 508109884, with headquarters at Rua José Pereira 10, 1685-635 Lisboa. Knot corners in El Corte Inglés are excluded from the program.
  2. The beneficiaries of the program include all customers who have registered in a Knot store or at www.knotkids.com. Any person over the age of 16 may create a customer account and register for the Knot+ program, as long as the required data is provided. Knot reserves the right to refuse the opening of any customer account.
  3. The opening of a customer account implies the acceptance of Knot’s Privacy Policy and the authorization to process personal data in accordance with Knot’s terms and its purpose, as well as the acceptance of these general terms and conditions with the general functioning of Knot+ program.
  4. The Knot+ program rewards its members for purchasing Knot products, in the form of discounts and exclusive offers.
  5. Each customer will be given a discount value equal to 10% of the value of each purchase at a Knot store or online at www.knotkids.com, which can be used from the following day. Any purchase from an Outlet store will be awarded a discount value equal to 5% of the value of the purchase. Any shipping costs and other services provided by the brand will not be counted towards any discount values.  
  6. The discount value is accumulated as a savings balance available to each member in their customer account. These savings cannot be given away in whole or part to another person.
  7. Occasionally, Knot may launch a campaign where the percentage to calculate the accrued savings is higher than the usual 10%/5%, or give specific discounts to a subset of customers.  
  8. In the case of product exchanges, the credit note used in the final purchase does not generate a new discount value; only the value of the difference between the value of the new item and the value of the credit note will be taken into account to give a discount on the next purchase.
  9. In the case of a return for an online purchase, the assigned discount amount will be deducted from the balance to be returned, but the discount will also be returned as a credit for use in a future purchase.
  10. The accumulated savings do not constitute a credit, nor are they convertible to cash. They can only be used as a discount on a purchase.
  11. The accumulated savings are valid for 90 days and can only be used to purchase products that are not subject to any other promotion or campaign, being the customer responsible for checking the expiration date of such savings. As a courtesy, Knot may send a notice when the expritaion date is approaching. However it is Knot't obligation to send this notice, nor should Knot be held responsible if the customer has not received such notice.
  12. The accumulated savings amount can be used on any purchase with no minimum value, unless the accumulated balance is smaller than 50% of the purchase amount.  
  13. Customers may only use accumulated savings on purchases registered to their Knot account.
  14. Customers may choose not to use any accumulated savings, but if they choose to use the savings, they must use the amount in its entirety, not just part of it. However, if the discount/accumulated balance amount is greater than 50% of the purchase amount, the customer will be able to carry over the leftover balance for a future purchase. The original expiry date will still stand
  15. If the customer has discounted the balance on an online purchase and it is canceled due to non-payment, the customer must request a refund of the balance used by sending an email to support@knotkids.com.
  16. Customers can find out their current savings balance by asking in any Knot store, by contacting Knot Customer Support, or at www.knotkids.com, with your user logged in. 
  17. Knot may, at any moment, change or substitute the rules of the program’s discounts and benefits attribution, or other rules present in the Terms and Conditions, without being obliged to communicate it in advance to its customers.
  18.  Knot may define additional offers to the beneficiaries of the program, such as anniversary gifts or other exclusive offers.
  19. Knot may notify customers of personalized information relative to Knot+ Program, such as the accumulated savings balance, expiration of savings, anniversary gifts, and/or other exclusive offers. This information will be sent by email and only when the customer, in the terms of the Privacy Policy, has authorized the brand to send marketing communication relative to discounts and offers. For customers who have not authorized the sending of such communications, may however benefit from the program, once the processing of personal data has been authorized.
  20. Every question related to Knot+ program should be sent via email to support@knotkids.com. The customer may also contact Customer Support via telephone (+351) 93 277 09 09, Monday-Friday, 10AM to 1PM and from 2PM to 6PM.
  21. Knot reserves the right to not issue a discount value or to exclude a customer from the program if they detect or suspect fraud or misuse of the program. In these instances, the customer’s account and its data will be permanently deleted.

Lisbon, June 3rd 2020.

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