LP Sustainability

we care for the future

Our planet needs us, we have no doubt about that. And we believe that as a brand, and particularly a brand that operates in one of the industries with more environmental impact, we have a fundamental role to play on the path towards sustainability and the survival and conservation of our planet.

We have always assumed this commitment, with a constant concern for how and where our products are produced, not only in terms of sustainability but also in terms of ethics. But more and more, and particularly over the past few years, we have come to recognize more and more the important role that we have in the society and the impact our products have on the environment. And that is why we have been developing several projects for more sustainable Knot.

made in Portugal

The large majority of our pieces is designed and produced in Portugal, in carefully selected partners and with an increasing percentage of organic materials. We support national companies that produce high quality garments, while reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, by reducing the transport distance of goods.

Loja Online Roupa Bebé e Criança


A project of second-hand Knot garments, previously loved, that thus have the opportunity of a new life. Since the pieces have a perfect quality to last for many, many hours of playing, we encourage the reuse of pieces that are “as good as new”. Find out everything about this project, here.

Loja Online Roupa Bebé e Criança

zero waste

Throughout our collections and no matter how much we try to manage the quantity of pieces we order, there is always leftover stock at the end of each season. For this reason, Knot Memories are pieces from old collections, which we sell at special prices, to become part of many happy memories. Because fashion has to be more and more like this: sustainable, with timeless and quality pieces that last for many, many generations.

In addition, and because we don't like to waste anything, we still use fabric scraps to make accessories or pieces for our Outlet stores.

I’m not perfect but I’m still beautiful

We gathered in a small space in Lisbon all the pieces that, although not perfect because they have small defects or are collection samples, are still beautiful. These garments, which are in excellent condition to be used, are sold at very special prices, thus avoiding their waste.

Loja Online Roupa Bebé e Criança

Reduce, reuse, recicle

In addition to all this, there are small steps that we have taken over the years that also help us to preserve the planet. The reuse of many packaging materials and even the decoration of our shop windows, the recycling that we always do in our offices and the reduction in the use of paper with the recent adoption of electronic invoices.

Loja Online Roupa Bebé e Criança

It is everyone's duty to make sustainable choices for our planet. We still have a long way to go, but together, we will be able to have a better future!

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